2017–2019 Occupational Health and Safety Regulatory Amendment Workplan approved

Section 228 of the Workers Compensation Act requires that WorkSafeBC regularly review and consult on its regulations to ensure they are consistent with current practices and technological advances.

WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors has approved the 2017–2019 Regulatory Amendment Workplan, which will be available in early February. In developing the Workplan, the Policy, Regulation and Research Division (PRRD) considers requests from a number of sources, including internal WorkSafeBC subject matter experts and external stakeholders. The PRRD and the operating divisions of WorkSafeBC then review and prioritize the identified regulatory issues to ensure they address stakeholders’ key concerns and reflect WorkSafeBC’s strategic goals and objectives.

The PRRD solicits requests for changes to the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Regulation on an ongoing basis. Information on how to submit requests for future amendments to the OHS Regulation can be found on worksafebc.com.