Final report: Research on Electric Shock & Working Energized

Last year Technical Safety BC, in collaboration with others like WorkSafeBC, conducted original mixed methods research to identify and uncover some of the behavioural and sociocultural factors involved in electric shock risk within the province of BC.

A few highlights from our findings:

  • 95% of survey respondents have experienced electric shock
    • 97% minor shock (i.e., irritating but not painful)
    • 68% moderate shock (i.e., caused pain and discomfort)
    • 22% severe shock (i.e.,  someone’s life could be in danger).
  • 95% have worked live
  • 40% have worked live when they didn’t want to
  • This is not primarily a knowledge or awareness issue. Many of the contributing factors exist at the organizational or sociocultural level and therefore require support from the industry in facilitating positive change.

Read the final summary research report and infographic and share within your organizations and networks for discussion and action. In order for us to have an impact on reducing electric shock risk & changing industry practice in British Columbia, we must work collaboratively as safety leaders within the electrical industry.