Announcement of Interim President from WorkSafeBC

Ralph McGinn on January 23, 2019

Over the past several weeks the Board of Directors’ has been working with an executive search firm to recruit our next president and CEO. That search is well under way and is progressing as expected. We will continue to work through the process until the right candidate has been identified.

To ensure WorkSafeBC has stable and consistent leadership after Diana’s last day, we have asked Brian Erickson, the Senior Vice-President of Finance and IT to step in as interim President and CEO. As many of you know, Brian who has been on the senior executive team for a number of years has a keen understanding of our business and how it’s run. The Board is confident in Brian’s ability to lead the organization through this transitional period. 

Brian will start his secondment on February 1 and will bring with him his existing Finance and IT portfolios until the conclusion of the process.  

Please join me in thanking Brian for his leadership during this time of transition.

Ralph McGinn,Chair, Board of Directors