Asbestos – Why Risk It? for Contractors

On the heels of the Asbestos homeowner campaign WorkSafeBC has launched a targeted contractor awareness initiative to support their Prevention Field Services work in construction.  Their purpose is to get the word out directly to contractors regarding their obligation to manage asbestos safely and responsibly.
Their communication strategy…
  • Approximately 14,500 asbestos mailers are being mailed to a targeted audience of contractors, asbestos abatement contractors and demolition contractors in BC.
  • 3,900 asbestos mailers will go out as an attachment in the August edition of Reno Contractor magazine distribution (in BC only).
  • Finally, there are 3,000 of the mailers being delivered to each region for their Prevention officers to use during inspections or consultations with contractors.
What is the message?
The message to contractors is very clear and direct: Asbestos – Why Risk it?  Not dealing with asbestos properly can result in WorkSafeBC fines or stop work orders that could harm your professional reputation.  More importantly they speak to the risk to workers and the responsibility contractors have to ensure their safety. They also direct people to for more information – where they have cultivated our asbestos resources for contractors.
More detail on the initiative including the mailer itself is provided in the PDF attached. The mailer and messaging can also be viewed in this short video clip here:
WorkSafeBC believes this outreach will support the work all of us are doing to keep workers safe from asbestos exposure.