CleanBC Plan – Government’s Own Modelling Shows Plan will dampen economic growth

Business Council of BC –

According to the NDP government’s own modelling, implementing the CleanBC policy agenda to meet the province’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets will push B.C.’s economic growth down to the slowest pace on record, which in turn will substantially dampen economic prosperity and well-being by the end of the decade. Yes, you read that correctly. While difficult to believe, the provincial government is forging ahead with a set of policies that its own modelling shows will make B.C.’s economy $28 billion smaller in 2030 and set prosperity back more than a decade. This remarkable finding emerges from looking beyond the government’s glossy reports to the raw modelling results of the estimated economic impact of CleanBC policies commissioned by the province but studiously ignored in its public communication materials.

Read the BCBC Report.