Fee Consultation for On-site Electricity Production and Storage System Connections – Lower Fees!

Technical Safety BC is proposing a new category of electrical installation permit fees, specifically for interconnection equipment such as transfer switches, combiners, and inverters which connect to systems that produce and store electricity to be used on site.
Currently, this category is covered under electrical installation permits, which calculates the fee based on the value of the electrical equipment and labour fees charged to the consumer. When these fees were determined in 2013, they did not take into account the high costs of electrical production and storage systems such as solar panels and wind turbines.
The proposal is intended to lower the fees paid by contractors and consumers choosing to install these types of systems. If approved, the proposed fees would go into effect in early 2019.
As part of TSBC’s review process, they are seeking feedback from electrical industry stakeholders and the general public through an online survey from July 4 to August 17, 2018.