Homeowner Asbestos Awareness Campaign: Phase 2

Phase two of WorkSafeBC’s homeowner campaign begins October 16.  Last year’s outreach resulted in 26 million impressions during the 6 week campaign and 52 percent of homeowners in B.C. recalled seeing it (an average campaign has about 26 percent recall so the campaign had great recognition). WorkSafeBC recognizes that in order for this important message to resonate with homeowners to promote social change, and ultimately protect workers, they need to go back into the public market.

This year links the contractor and homeowner messages by telling homeowners to talk to their contractor before starting a reno or demo:

Asbestos can be a serious health concern in homes built before 1990. Before renos or demos, talk to your contractor to identify asbestos in your home and get it properly removed for the health and safety of everyone working on your project.

Homeowners are encouraged to visit thinkasbestos.com to find information and resources.

WorkSafeBC Asbestos Homeowner