March 31, 2015 Updates to OHS Regulations

The following guidelines accompany regulatory amendments to construction related OHS Regulations that are effective March 31, 2015.  These are both new and revised guidelines which align with the new regulatory provisions.  For information on the regulatory amendments, CLICK HERE.

Part 5 Chemical Agents and Biological Agents

G5.30 Dispensing
This guideline is no longer required, it has now been retired.

G5.53-4 Occupational hygiene methods acceptable to WorkSafeBC
This guideline has been updated to add further examples of acceptable analytical methods and to clarify that methods are only acceptable if they can detect levels that are appropriate for comparison with the Regulatory requirements (e.g., the exposure limits).

Part 9 Confined Spaces

G9.1-1 Excluded confined spaces
This guideline has been updated to provide the risk factors that must be addressed by an employer as part of the hazard assessment. Spaces that might not be considered “confined spaces” for the purpose of Part 9 require a hazard assessment prior to that determination.

Part 21 Blasting Operations

G21.5 Authority to blast
This guideline has been updated to add a reference to G21.82 regarding the authority and visual supervision of the certified blaster of record for underwater blasting operations.

G21.82 Underwater blasting New Item
This new guideline is to provide clarification on the authority and visual supervision by the certified blaster of a diver, when the diver is not a certified blaster, during underwater blasting operations.

Part 23 Oil and Gas

G23.22 Driver training
This guideline has been revised to reflect the fact that the GODI course has been replaced by a new course.