New Legislation for WorkSafe BC

The B.C. Liberals introduced BILL 9 – 2015 ~ WORKERS COMPENSATION AMENDMENT ACT, 2015 onWednesday with the intention of increased workplace safety following recommendations made in the Macatee Report.

The legislation adds enforcement tools for WorkSafeBC that include on-the-spot fines of up to $1,000, wider discretion to stop work deemed unsafe and the ability to take more forceful action against egregious, wilful and repeat offenders.

The new legislation also expands the court’s authority to bar the worst offenders from operating in an industry, and shortens time frames in which companies must conduct investigations into significant workplace incidents.

Based on consultation, the B.C. government decided not to give WorkSafeBC the ability to penalize workers with on-the-spot fines for failing to wear protective gear such as hard hats and steel-toed boots.

COCA is actively working with our partners to determine the implications of this legislation, and if necessary, will draft a coordinated response on behalf of industry.