New WorkSafeBC Resource – Pipeline Construction Inspection Guide

WorkSafeBC has produced a new safety resource about constructing pipelines that may be of interest to your audiences.
The Pipeline Construction Inspection Guide is aimed at helping employers, owners and workers understand the key health and safety requirements for pipeline construction operations.
Alongside a glossary of terms, the guide lays out WorkSafeBC’s regulatory jurisdiction over pipelines and the specific obligations under that framework for owners, employers, prime contractors, suppliers, supervisors, and workers, as well as the relevant sections of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.
The guide also outlines the personal protective equipment (PPE) that is necessary for workers on pipeline construction projects and requirements for emergency response and first aid. Each phase of construction carries a particular set of health and safety considerations, and these are broken down in the following detailed overviews:
Pre-construction: includes falling of trees; skidding and removal of timber; clearing and stripping the right-of-way; trenching equipment and requirements; drilling, loading and blasting; mobile drills; firing procedures; and misfires;
Construction: includes mobile equipment and attachments; stringing; bending; welding; positioning; valves and fittings; pressure testing; and cleanup.
This resource is available in pdf form, or in printed infoflip format (4.23” by 8.27”), which can be ordered on