October 2020 work-related incidents reported to WorkSafeBC

November 12, 2020

Construction incident summaries are based on information obtained as soon as possible after the incidents: they are preliminary and subject to change. Details have been edited to protect workers’ privacy.

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Injury Type: Fractured arm
Core Activity: Painting or wallpapering
Location: Vancouver Island/Coastal B.C.
Date of Incident: 2020-Oct
A young worker was working from an extension ladder. The ladder became unstable when one of the ladder standoffs broke, and the worker fell to the ground.
Injury Type: Fractured leg (1 worker)
Core Activity: House or other wood frame contracting, construction, or renovation work
Location: Interior B.C.
Date of Incident: 2020-Oct
Three workers were unloading a crate of granite countertops by hand. Six countertops became unstable and fell to the ground, striking one of the workers.
Injury Type: Close call
Core Activity: Blasting or avalanche control
Location: Vancouver Island/Coastal B.C.
Date of Incident: 2020-Oct
Before blasting a trench for the installation of an underground electrical service, five blasting mats were laid over the blast zone. There was a cavity of about 3 feet between the bottom of the fifth blast mat and the surface of the blast area. An excavator bucket was placed on top of the fifth blast mat in an effort to minimize the cavity. When the blast was initiated, the unsecured excavator bucket rolled off the blast mat and down a 60-foot embankment, striking and damaging a house. No injuries were reported.
Injury Type: Fatal
Core Activity: Heating system installation or service / Vegetable greenhouse
Location: Lower Mainland
Date of Incident: 2020-Oct
A worker was helping to remove a boiler condenser unit. The condenser unit fell over, pinning the worker between a concrete sill and the condenser unit. The worker succumbed to the injuries.
Injury Type: Injury to ankle
Core Activity: Steep slope roofing
Location: Vancouver Island/Coastal B.C.
Date of Incident: 2020-Oct
A young worker was on a roof with a pitch of approximately 7.5:12, applying roofing materials. The worker fell about 22 feet, landing on sand and clay below.