OH&S Guideline Updates

Many sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Workers Compensation Act (“Act“) have associated guidelines. Guidelines are intended to assist with providing ways of complying with the legislation, not to provide exclusive interpretations. Guidelines generally provide information on administrative matters and on technical matters not already addressed by policy.

On December 19, 2014, the following guidelines were updated and new ones added.

Workers Compensation Act

Part 3 Division 1 – Interpretation and Purposes

G-D1-108-2 BC Safety Authority

This guideline has been revised and simplified to provide more clarity on the jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC and the BC Safety Authority.

OHS Regulation

Part 13 Ladders, Scaffolds & Temporary Work Platforms

G13.4 Ladder ratings and selection

This guideline has been revised to clarify that ladders must be marked with the appropriate grade/type for the intended use.

G13.14 Guardrails on end frame scaffolds

This guideline has been revised to update the format and clarify that cross-bracing is not an acceptable alternative to guardrails.