May 1, 2015 Updates to OHS Regulations

The following guidelines accompany regulatory amendments to construction related OHS Regulations that are effective March 31, 2015.  These are both new and revised guidelines which align with the new regulatory provisions.  For information on the regulatory amendments, CLICK HERE.

May 1, 2015

Part 5 Chemical Agents and Biological Agents

Table of exposure limits for chemical and biological substances
The Table of Exposure Limits has been updated to reflect recent Board of Directors decisions concerning adoption of occupational exposure limits. Recent revisions to the Table are highlighted in green.

April 30, 2015

Part 4 General Conditions

G 4.3(2) Welding repair of forks and fork extensions on lift trucks
This guideline has been updated to the current format for guidelines, and modernized by deletion of outdated language and reference to the most relevant section of the Regulation. It has been clarified that the requirements for welding repair on forks also apply to fork extensions on lift trucks.

Part 6 Substance Specific Requirements — Asbestos

G 6.8 Procedures for abatement of asbestos materials during house and building demolition/renovation
This guideline has been updated to add clarity in several areas and to correct two typographical errors. Clarification is provided that use of HEPA-equipped power tools needs to be supported by air monitoring data. The procedure scenario for removal of vinyl asbestos floor tile has been split into two sections — for small and large floor area situations. This maintains the current practice for small floor areas. This update also now recognizes that contractors take advantage of new technologies in asbestos abatement.

G6.12(2) Asbestos monitoring
This guideline has been revised to clarify the terminology used.

Part 7 Noise, Vibration, Radiation and Temperature — Radiation

G7.19-2 Notification of worker overexposure to ionizing radiation
This guideline has been updated to reflect the current high exposure notification process and has been updated to the current format.

G7.19(4)-1 Exposure to non-ionizing radiation — Radiofrequency
This guideline has been updated to reference new Health Canada exposure limits for radiofrequency (RF) radiation. The guideline also now references the relevant online Safety Codes rather than reproduce the Table of Exposure Limits. Reference to two guidance documents for monitoring exposure to RF have also been added to the guideline.

Part 10 De-energization and Lockout

G10.4(6) Use of means other than personal locks
The purpose of revising this guideline is to provide approval and direction on the use of freeze plugs as another effective means to secure an energy isolating device.

Part 16 Mobile Equipment

G16.3, 16.19, 16.20 (and 4.3(2)) Welding repair of forks on lift trucks
This guideline has been retired. Refer now to guideline G4.3(2) Welding repair of forks and fork extensions on lift trucks.

Part 34 Rope Access

G34.4(1)(b) Certification for Professional Mountain Guides and Climbing Gym Instructors New Item
This new guideline describes certification issued by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides for mountaineering and climbing gym instruction.