Opinion: We need a post-pandemic vision for investment, jobs and opportunity in British Columbia

Vancouver Sun | Bridgitte Anderson  •  Bryan Cox | Apr 16, 2021

Opinion: Finance, tax and regulatory reform is needed and must support and encourage economic activity and growth instead of deterring it.

B.C. has recently entered the third wave of the pandemic and, with rising cases and an increase in variants, there are significant health challenges, growing frustration and anxiety, in addition to continued economic impacts on people and many business sectors.

For months, businesses and individuals have worked together to keep our families, friends and communities healthy through new public health guidelines and safety protocols, including making necessary investments required to do so. Most recently, businesses have rolled up their sleeves to support the vaccine rollout across the province. Pharmacies, remote work camps, and the new partnership that will re-deploy thousands of tourism and hospitality workers to directly support vaccination clinics are only a few examples.

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