National Floor Covering Association

Message from the NFCA Board of Directors

When everyone agrees that improvement is not only needed but desired, change becomes possible.

For almost 30 years architects and specification writers have had access to the NFCA floor covering reference manual to guide floor-covering installations through the construction process and become part of that improvement. Yet the same issues still exist today:

  • Flooring contractors struggle to obtain acceptable site conditions required to meet warranty requirements.
  • Manufacturers have to defend their good product that is failing because it was installed incorrectly.
  • General contractors are challenged to provide acceptable conditions in time to satisfy the schedule.
  • Architects and owners are caught in the middle.

As of July 27, 2016, the NFCA has re-formed with the goal of affecting positive change for our industry. What would this change look like?

  • For the flooring contractors, a flat, dry concrete sub-floor is provided along with correct indoor environmental conditions on a more regular basis.
  • For the manufacturers, their installation instructions are followed correctly far more often.
  • For the architects, they can be more confident that the product they specified will look and perform as it should.
  • For the general contractors, more projects get done on time and on budget.
  • For clients, building owners and end users, more product satisfaction.

After its’ first meeting in August 2016 the NFCA’s newly appointed Board of Directors agreed to focus on the following four key areas where the most meaningful improvements could be made.

  1. Help to improve the chances of a successful installation by raising the quality of communications between the general contractor, architect, building owner and flooring contractor through education, awareness campaigns and trade show presentations.
  2. Work to ensure the NFCA Quality Assurance Program pre-installation inspection service is specified on more projects to help ensure basic and recognized flooring standards are met.  Article on the QA Program.
  3. Help individuals in the industry acquire the skills and certification needed to meet NFCA and manufacturer standards by promoting and offering educational opportunities.
  4. Build momentum by building membership and involvement throughout the industry. We look forward to more dialogue with industry professionals and building a community of engaged colleagues with a common purpose. We invite you to visit the NFCA website at to learn more. We’re in the beginning stages, so there’s lots of great work to be done.