Proposed Changes to Policy on Clothing Allowances

At their meeting on May 18, 2016, WorkSafeBC’s governing body, the Board of Directors, approved the release of a discussion paper on clothing allowances, with options and a draft policy for stakeholder review and comment.

Workers may sustain damage to clothing as a result of wearing a prosthetic or brace, or using a wheelchair. Current compensation policy provides that workers wearing these devices or using a wheelchair are paid an annual clothing allowance. At issue are the clothing allowance categories: specifically the distinction between prosthetics and braces, and the date of payment of the allowance.

The discussion paper, draft policy, and information on how to provide feedback can be accessed through the link below.

The consultation period for this item will end October 28, 2016. The Board of Directors will consider stakeholder feedback before making a decision on the proposed policy.

Review or Comment

Please note that COCA will be submitting comments on behalf of members.  If you are making a submission on behalf of your own organization or company or would like to provide input to COCA’s response, please email to