Proposed Changes to Schedule 1 – Deadline Extended to June 15th at Noon

Make your voice heard! Deadline extended to today at Noon.

Attached please find the Employers’ Forum submission in response to WSBC’s Discussion Paper titled:  Adding Diseases Caused by Communicable Viral Pathogens, Including COVID-19, to Schedule 1 of the Workers Compensation Act. 

COCA is a member of the Employer’s Forum, which works to maintain a viable and effective Workers’ Compensation system that endeavours to meet the needs of both the worker and employer in a safe and productive workplace. The Employers’ Forum functions as an advocate for all employers and a vehicle through which the employer community communicates on Workers’ Compensation issues.

We encourage all COCA members, and any of your Association members, to write a letter of support for this submission.  This can be done by email to

This is not about the number of signatures on a single letter — we need as many letters of support as we can. 

Your submission could be as simple as “We are members of COCA and the Employers’ Forum.  We have read and endorse their submission on the proposal to add COVID-19 to Schedule 1.”  If you wanted to add your own comments, you could add something like “In addition to the comments made in the submission of the Employers Forum, we would like to make the following comments”.  You could emphasize something, or add your own views. 

Please copy COCA on all correspondence at

Your letter of support/submission must be made by 4:30 this coming Friday, June 12.

Thank you for your help and support.