WorkSafeBC 2021-2023 Construction High Risk Strategy 

WorkSafeBC is reaching out to external stakeholder groups for feedback about their high risk strategies and initiatives.  Your feedback is important as WorkSafeBC continues to engage employers and workers in their goal to reduce the high volume of claims and prevent serious and fatal injuries in the construction industry.


WorkSafeBC 2021-2023 Construction High Risk Strategy (HRS) is designed to reduce the serious injury rate and the overall claims volume in the general construction subsector.  The specific risk focus areas are as follows:

  • General Construction Sub-sector:  Struck by and falls from elevation mechanism of injury and is the right tool, equipment or process being selected for the job?
  • General Construction Sub-sector:  Struck by incidents involving workers on foot working in proximity to mobile equipment and vehicles
  • CU 721027 House or other Wood Frame Construction: Falls from elevation involving a ladder
  • CUs 721043 Plumbing, heating, ventilation, 721027 House or other Wood Frame Construction, 721028 Industrial, commercial and Institutional, and 721019 Electrical Work: Musculoskeletal injury and our specific focus on material handling (overexertion)
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of the hazard to workers when working near high voltage equipment and the use of effective controls by applying the hierarchy of controls (OSH Regulation 19.24, 19.25, 19.26)
  • Please refer to the following links for more information: 

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Feedback Requested

We are asking for feedback on the following:

  1. What do you see are challenges and successes associated with the WorkSafeBC Construction HRS?
  2. What would you like to see us do differently?
  3. Are there areas you would like us to further engage or disengage?
  4. Other?

Feedback can be sent directly to Carol-Anne Boufford, Manager, Prevention Field Services at or Jaret Swanson, Manager, Consultation and Education Services at

2023 Construction HRS Planning Timeline

We are also providing the anticipated timeline for the 2023 HRS planning efforts. See below.

·        July – August 2022: Gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders

·        September 2022: Review and approve HRS plans

·        October – November 2022: Roll-out internally

·        January 2023: Roll-out externally