WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors approves consultation on Partners Program policies

About the Partners Program
WorkSafeBC’s Partners Program is designed to encourage employers in B.C. to adopt an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). An OHSMS is a coordinated and systematic approach to managing health and safety. Effective OHSMSs help make workplaces safer by improving organizations’ ability to address occupational health and safety concerns, and encouraging worker participation in these matters.

Employers registered in the Program are eligible to receive a Certificate of Recognition (COR), and may receive a financial incentive. If you would like more information, please visit Program Participation.

Policy development
In January 2016, WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors (BOD) directed WorkSafeBC’s Policy, Regulation and Research Division (PRRD) to develop policies to clarify and guide the program. The PRRD worked with stakeholders and WorkSafeBC’s Industry and Labour Services department to review the program and develop draft policies for broad consultation. The process involved pre-consultation with key worker and employer stakeholders, as well as with Certifying Partners.  In December 2016, the BOD approved the release of these draft policies for broad consultation.

The PRRD will begin consultation on the draft policies this February. During this time, the draft policies, accompanied by a discussion paper on key issues and options, will be available on for review.  Stakeholders are encouraged to read the discussion paper, review the draft policies, and provide feedback to the PRRD.  Stay tuned for further details at the launch of the consultation process.