2016 Annual Report

2016 Q1 – Q4 Summary Report

The Council of Construction Associations (COCA) represents most of British Columbia’s construction associations (19 in all) and acts on behalf of the construction industry in WorkSafeBC matters.  COCA works to present a united front and a systematic approach to WorkSafeBC issues.  COCA initiates and responds to legislative, regulatory, policy and practice issues within the workers’ compensation system in BC.  COCA also assists individual contractors with their WorkSafeBC concerns.

A summary of key 2016 activities /issues follows:

Q1 – January to March

  1. Worked with the Employers’ Forum on the anticipated impact of Bill 35 and the accompanying regulations.
  2. Don Schouten, ILS Construction, transferred to oversee utilities.
  3. Working with industry to submit acceptable candidates for the ILS – Construction position.
  4. Worked with a consortium of construction entities to resolve issues with Coast Mount Bus Company and their rules concerning trolley wires – strategy put on hold due to the involvement of the Urban Development Institute.
  5. February 16th meet with WorkSafeBC with COCA, the Employer’s Forum and employer reps to discuss the issue of ‘Relief of Cost for Employers’. It was agreed that this item would be added to the 2016 Regulatory Workplan for resolution.
  6. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards WHIMIS and the proposed new definitions.
  7. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 4.43.1, General Conditions, new section, storage racks
  8. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 4.56, General Conditions, work area guards and handrails
  9. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 6.4, Substance Specific Requirements, asbestos inventory
  10. The WorkSafeBC proposed 30-year requirement is an increase from the current requirement to keep the asbestos inventory for 10 years. We question whether this is achievable within the Construction Industry.
  11. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 12.83.1, Tools, Machinery and Equipment, new section, chassis dynamometer.
  12. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Sections 13.11, 14.1 and 14.2, Cranes and Hoists, construction material hoists
  13. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 14.5, Cranes and Hoists, rated capacity indicators and Section 14.11, Cranes and Hoists, support structures
  14. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 14.81, Cranes and Hoists, limit devices
  15. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 20.2, Construction, Excavation and Demolition, notice of project
  16. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 22.12(1) and (2), Underground Workings, underground supervisors
  17. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 23.69, Oil and Gas, flow piping systems
  18. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards Section 26.13.4, Forestry Operations and Similar Activities, new subsection, saw chain shot
  19. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards PART 6: SUBSTANCE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS Section 6.58.1: Lead
  20. Submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards PART 6: SUBSTANCE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS; Section 6.110, Respirable Crystalline Silica and Rock Dust
  21. March 3rd, Held a COCA Board meeting at VRCA
  22. March 7th coordinated a meeting with industry and WorkSafeBC to address the the failure of rental companies and third party manufacturers to provide appropriate user manuals/ instructional materials for equipment (all types).
  23. March 14th submitted a response to WorkSafeBC in regards to the 2016 regulatory Work plan.
  24. Sponsored Jeff Lyth (proposal development) in his endeavor to develop and industry plan to improve safety.
  25. Met with Dale Walker to discuss the new ILS position and advocate for an industry representation. Regularly quarterly interfaces established.
  26. April 29th, Dale Walker becomes the new Vice President, vice president of Claims Services

Q2 – April to June

  1. April 14th, met with Lori Guiton (Director Policy, Regulation & Research Division, WorkSafeBC) and Charles Kelly to discuss concrete pump certification/ training and possible regulation. Lori agreed to add the item to the regulatory calendar that has been submitted to the Board for consideration.
  2. Discussed the COCA funding surplus with the BCCA. It has been agreed that a one-time proportional rebate will provided to all members to discharge the surplus.
  3. Meet with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to discuss their campaign to expose Municipal spending, red tape and hidden taxes. They have agreed to support construction by using specific home building examples in their advocacy to show the excessive regulatory costs.
  4. Submitted a JOC article regarding OHS penalties on April 22nd.
  5. April 26th submitted feedback to WorkSafeBC concerning the proposed changes to the OHS Regulation regarding Joint Committees (Bill 35).
  6. May 5th held a follow up meeting with the electrical contractors and WorkSafeBC to explore an apparent shift in the interpretation of a critical electrical definition within the regulations. Both parties shared their environmental scan findings in regards to how other jurisdictions (outside of BC) interpret the definition – results were inconclusive. WorkSafeBC has agreed to internally examine the implications and to explore developing a special supporting document of safe work procedures for working inside electrical vaults.
  7. Attended the Day of Mourning ceremony on April 28th
  8. May 6th attended Roadbuilder event to engage members and promote COCA services.
  9. May 12th, finalized COCA’s structural relationship to BCCA including accounting and legal structure.
  10. May 12th, met with a representative of the WorkSafeBC Board to discuss a number of industry issues including possible regulation regarding concrete pump certification/ training.
  11. May 13th, meet with VRCA CEO to discuss industry issues and member needs.
  12. Met with Bradley Fehr, former Editor of the Journal of Commerce, to thank him for his service and contribution to construction.
  13. Attended special WorkSafeBC meeting on Certificate of Recognition (COR) May 20th.
  14. June 15th held a COCA Board meeting at VRCA
  15. Meet with a number of people to discuss the issue of asbestos and to recommend that the Construction Industry seek out workable solutions to the problem of asbestos in the workplace.
  16. June 20th participated in the second Manufacturing, Rental and Third Party roundtable.
  17. June sent in a response to WorkSafeBC concerning a draft discussion paper on Clothing Allowances
  18. Provided feedback to WorkSafeBC in regards to their consultation on the Permanent Disability Evaluation Schedule 2016 review.

Q3 – July to September

  1. July submitted a response to WorkSafeBC concerning proposed changes to the Assessment Payroll Policies.
  2. Submitted a JOC article analyzing WorkSafeBC budget surplus (and reserves) in light of its operational commitments.
  3. July 5th attended a special meeting held by WorkSafeBC to discuss the COR program.
  4. Participated in a meeting with the electrical contractors, inspectors and engineers in regards to working inside utility vaults.
  5. July 20th pulled together an industry lead consortium to champion the principle attributes of the COR program and to prevent a full program redesign.
  6. Spoke at the Provincial Transmountain Hearing to advocate for industry and the need for large capital projects in BC.
  7. Submitted an article to the JOC article concerning the new audit tool for Joint Health and Safety Committee (OHS) Committees.
  8. August 8th COCA provided length feedback concerning the 2016 Public Hearings on OHS Regulation Proposals. August 31st submitted a follow up paper on the new material that was added to the Public Consultation.
  9. August 10th, meet with Chris Back, Director of Industry Labour Services, to welcome him to his new position and discuss mutual issues of concern.
  10. August 11th meet with a small group of IBCA members to discuss issues of concern.
  11. On August 30th, meet with the new COCA representative for the Line Contractors, provided an orientation, and overarching context.
  12. September 7th, held a COCA Board meeting at VRCA
  13. On the 8th of Sept held a meeting with core sponsors to resolve issues related to membership dues and COCA’s surplus.
  14. September 15th, meet the Al Johnson and Dale Walker (WorkSafeBC VP’s) to discuss a number of industry issues including COR, WorkSafeBC’s new website and a number of specific health and safety resources.
  15. September 22nd, meet with Brooks Paterson, WorkSafeBC Board Member, to discuss industries challenges.
  16. September 22nd, Presented COCA’s services to MCABC and answered member questions.
  17. September 23rd, meet with Diana Miles, WorkSafeBC CEO, to discuss industry issues and our approach to resolving issues proactively.
  18. September 28th, meet with Ken Helman, WorkSafeBC consultant, to discuss various issues of concern.
  19. September 30th, held a conference call with the BCICA and the BCCA to discuss industry issues and to reemphasize COCA’s value proposition.

Q4 –October To December

  1. October 3rd, attended ICBA’s Annual General Meeting.
  2. Attended WorkSafeBC’s Public Regulatory Hearing in Richmond to ensure Industries interests were represented.
  3. October 7th, submitted a letter to Lori Guiton, Director Policy, Regulation & Research Division, WorkSafeBC, concerning labour’s request for a mandatory 8-hour annual H&S training orientation/ training (this is in addition to the existing mandated training allocation for employers with over 20 employees).
  4. Provided feedback to Terrence Little, Director, Corporate Communications, in regards to challenges with WorkSafeBC’s new Website.
  5. Held a meeting with WorkSafeBC Employer Assessment Department to discuss the confusion that exists in industry regarding the ‘contractor’ verses ‘employee’ status and other related issues.
  6. October 13th, held a meeting with Don Schouten, ILS – Utilities, to discuss a number of industry issues pertaining to electrical vaults.
  7. October 14th, Presented to the North Construction Association in Prince George regarding COCA and industry / WorkSafeBC Challenges.
  8. October 24th, send a formal list of outstanding items to WorkSafeBC to ensure they are followed up on by the end of the year.
  9. October 26th, sent in a response paper in regards to Measurement of Earnings Loss.
  10. November 12th, submitted a JOC article supporting WorkSafeBC’s Asbestos Initiative.
  11. November 14th and 16th, presented to 600 WorkSafeBC claims agents. Highlighted how to support the construction industry appropriately.

* COCA continues to support individual companies with specific WorkSafeBC matters/ issues.