‘As soon as I sobered up, I realized why I had gone through that 16 years of insanity’

Journal of Commerce | DCN-JOC News Services | November 24, 2021

In the second part of this Cracks in the Foundation: Mental Health, Substance Use and Construction series video, Angela Gismondi, staff writer for the Daily Commercial News, talks to Julian Toy, substance abuse professional and founder of Addiction Consultants in Recovery, about the fit for duty training he provides for employers and employees in the construction industry.

Toy, who was addicted to drugs for 16 years, said he always wanted to use his experience to help other people.

He offers a unique perspective in that he understands how addicts and alcoholics think not just behave. He uses this in his training to help companies identify, prepare and intervene with employees who have an addiction.

In this video, he also talks about the “tough guy” mentality in the construction industry and how it makes it difficult for people to come forward and admit they have a problem. 

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