Asbestos certification and licensing update

Scope of requirements and levels of worker certification

WorkSafeBC would like you to be aware of recently posted information and resources to help you prepare for the new asbestos certification and licensing requirements that will need to be followed on the effective date for the changes (to be determined).

Who is required to have a licence or certificate

Information is now available on the WorkSafeBC website to provide detailed information on which employers will require licensing and which workers will require certification once the requirements take effect. At a high level:

  • Employers that offer asbestos abatement services to others related to a building will require a valid license.
  • Employers requiring a license will also need to ensure that their asbestos abatement workers are certified.
  • Workers require a certificate if they are conducting asbestos abatement work related to a building.

To understand the full scope of the requirements, please see Asbestos licensing and certification: Who is required to have a licence or certificate.

Certification levels for asbestos abatement workers

WorkSafeBC has also added information on their website on the different levels of certification that will be required of workers, based on the type of asbestos work they will be doing.

WorkSafeBC will continue to work with potential training providers to ensure they understand the specific competencies and requirements that training programs must address for the provider to be approved. In a future update, they will share information on training providers who have been approved by WorkSafeBC to provide asbestos abatement training to workers. WorkSafeBC anticipates that approved training providers will begin offering training by mid-2023.

To learn more about the levels of certification, please visit their page for asbestos abatement training providers.

Information for you

To make it easier for you to find information, WorkSafeBC has expanded the Asbestos training, certification & licensing section of the website to include information specifically for: