Asbestos Certification and Licensing Update

WorkSafeBC is now accepting expressions of interest from training providers who wish to be approved by WorkSafeBC to deliver asbestos abatement training. 

Workers, employers, consultants, and trainers involved with the asbestos industry in B.C. played a key role in achieving this milestone, as their feedback was essential in developing an understanding of the core competencies required to safely perform asbestos abatement work. Training providers will be required to offer curriculum that covers these core competencies in order to be approved by WorkSafeBC as an asbestos training provider. Changes to the OHS Regulation are expected to occur in 2024 and will require all workers to have completed approved safety training and obtained a certificate prior to conducting asbestos abatement work. 

WorkSafeBC has more details available on the new Asbestos training & certificates page on their website. 

The update is available through this link.