B.C. adds 62,900 jobs in 2022, construction industry grows: Statistics Canada

Journal of Commerce | DCN-JOC News Services | January 10, 2023

VICTORIA — The Province of British Columbia saw substantial job growth throughout 2022, with Statistics Canada reporting 62,900 jobs added.

“As British Columbians navigated new global challenges throughout 2022, last year’s job numbers continue to demonstrate that we’re stronger when we work together to tackle big challenges – from the economic effects of the pandemic to extreme weather events and global inflation,” said the Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation Brenda Bailey in a press release.

More than 16,000 jobs were added in December, offsetting a net loss in November. The unemployment remains near historic lows at 4.2 per cent, reports Statistics Canada. 

“Three-quarters of last year’s job growth was driven by women’s employment, reflecting our work to expand access to affordable, accessible child-care,” said Bailey.

Statistics Canada also reported a 2.3 per cent increase in the number of construction workers across the country in December, a gain of 35,000 people.

“We’re going to keep being there to support people, businesses and communities, because an economy that works for all is an economy that is built to succeed,” said Bailey.