Change to Schedule 1 Approved by WorkSafeBC Board of Directors

At the July 22nd WorkSafeBC Board of Director’s meeting, the Board approved amendments to Schedule 1 of the Act to add a presumption for infections caused by communicable viral pathogens which are the subject of a BC-specific emergency declaration or notice.  There likely will be a public announcement later today on this matter. These amendments will come into effect on October 26, 2020.  

As you all know, the Minister of Labour tabled Bill 23 on July 14.  One of the proposed revisions to the Workers Compensation Act proposes to eliminate the mandated 90-day waiting period in the Act before a WorkSafeBC regulatory amendment comes into effect, in relation to an occupational disease that is an infection caused by a communicable viral pathogen. If Bill 23 is passed prior to October 26, 2020, the effective date of the Schedule 1 amendment and consequential amendments will be adjusted accordingly. 

A decision was also made to add the issue of cost relief for COVID-19 related claim costs to the WorkSafeBC Policy Priorities Workplan. 

COCA is actively monitoring situation and will provide further updates if new information becomes available.