Concrete Pump Certification – End of Transition Period

In just over six months — January 1, 2024 — the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requiring operators of concrete pumps to be certified will come into enforcement. 

Since WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors approved the changes in December 2021, employers and workers have had the opportunity to obtain the required training and experience before going through the assessment, which is being overseen by the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA). At this time, many operators still have not obtained their certification.

This is the final six months to get that training and experience before enforcement begins.

Share the attached letters with your members

To help get the message out, WorkSafeBC has penned a letter signed by Todd McDonald, head of Prevention Services in four languages — English, Punjabi, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Spanish. WorkSafeBC respectfully requests that you post the letters on your website to give your members the opportunity to review the information. 

WorkSafeBC will continue reaching out to industry over the next few months to remind all parties affiliated with the concrete pump industry (both providers and users) of this looming deadline. We need your help to ensure that concrete pumps and placing booms are only operated by trained and experienced workers.

Have questions?

For questions about the BCCSA certification program, contact the BCCSA directly at or call 604.636.0327. 

For questions about the Regulation or workplace safety in general, call the WorkSafeBC Prevention Information Line at 604.276.3100.