Eby introduces Housing Supply Act

Journal of Commerce | DCN-JOC News Services | November 22, 2022

VICTORIA — B.C. Premier David Eby has introduced new legislation to increase the province’s housing supply.

The aptly named Housing Supply Act is intended to speed up housing development by allowing the province to set housing targets in certain municipalities where demand and projected growth is highest, a news release reads.

The legislation will encourage municipalities to reduce barriers that slow down construction such as updating zoning bylaws and streamlining the development approval process.

The act will give the province compliance powers as a last resort in making struggling municipalities create better conditions for housing construction.

The province will also be amending the Strata Property Act to end rental-restriction bylaws and age-restriction bylaws. Bylaws that support seniors housing will remain, according to the release.

If approved, the new legislation is expected to take effect mid-2023.

“For those worried about the future, we’re setting out a new way to co-ordinate the efforts of our cities and the province to build the homes people need quickly,” said Eby in the release.