Government takes further action on workplace safety

Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act were introduced in the House on October 8th.   With the introduction of Bill 35, government has taken decisive action to address the Lakeland and Babine coroner’s inquest recommendations that were directed to the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Responsible for Labour.

According to the government’s press release, the changes introduced will:

  • Require employers to immediately report to WorkSafeBC all workplace fires or explosions that had the potential to cause serious injury to a worker;
  • Require employer investigation reports be provided to the workplace health and safety committee or worker health and safety representative, or be posted at the worksite;
  • Specify meaningful participation for worker and employer representatives in employer accident investigations;
  • Specify a role for workplace health and safety committees to provide advice to the employer on significant proposed equipment and machinery changes that may affect worker health and safety; and
  • Allow WorkSafeBC to proactively assist workplace health and safety committees in resolving disagreements over health and safety matters.

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