ICBA continues call for justice in unsolved Coastal GasLink camp attack

Journal of Commerce | DCN-JOC News Services | November 16, 2023

VICTORIA — The investigation into the attack on a Coastal GasLink camp and its workers, which occurred in February 2022, remains unsolved with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reporting no new updates.

This is despite the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C. (ICBA) collaborating with Crime Stoppers and offering a $100,000 reward for information related to the incident.

During the attack, approximately 20 individuals, some armed with axes, targeted security guards and damaged vehicles at the GasLink camp near Houston, B.C. The assailants created blockades using downed trees, burning debris and spiked boards, obstructing police efforts to reach the scene. Smoke bombs and fire-lit sticks were also used against law enforcement.

The lack of progress in the investigation has generated concern within the ICBA, which emphasizes the significance of worker safety in the construction industry.

“We feel badly for the workers who were terrorized in this unprovoked, frightening attack, and that nearly two years later, no one has been brought to justice,” says Jordan Bateman, vice-president of communications and marketing with the ICBA. “Everyone deserves the right to a safe workplace, and these workers lost that confidence on that cold night in February 2022. ICBA remains committed to helping the RCMP however we can, advocating for the completion of the investigation, and encouraging police and Crown prosecutors to bring charges against those responsible.”