Letter to the Editor: Article feedback on, ‘Unsecured material claims industry veteran’s life, raises questions about site safety.’

Journal of Commerce | Dave Baspaly | February 18, 2021

To the Editor,

On Feb. 5, 2021, the Journal of Commerce (JOC) ran an article entitled, “Unsecured material claims industry veteran’s life, raises questions about site safety.”

The Council of Construction Associations is deeply saddened by the tragic death of John Scheeren. 

Unfortunately, this article inaccurately attributed to myself a comment that I did not make.

The article quotes me as saying, “In fact, Baspaly is aware of people who quit working at the Yates Street condominium site because of Scheeren’s death.”

I did not state this and had no way of knowing the reaction of anyone to an accident that took place over two months ago.

The articled describes the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program of WorkSafeBC and points out that Campbell Construction does not have COR certification.  

Again, this reference, and the headline “raises questions about site safety,” implies that Campbell is somehow deficient in safety.

Campbell advises they have an Occupational Health and Safety Program that meets or exceeds WorkSafeBC requirements. 

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting minutes of Oct. 14, 2020 specifically deals with the need to “prep sites for weather conditions.” Campbell has supplied all requested due diligence records to WorkSafeBC.

We are not asking for a retraction, but we wanted to bring this matter to your attention because we have long regarded the JOC as a reliable source of information for our industry.

Dr. Dave Baspaly

President, COCA