Regulatory Amendments – May 14, 2015

Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation made in May 14th,  2015 are noted below. The online Regulation and excerpts and summaries of the Act are updated once the amendments come into effect.

Workers Compensation Act

Part 1 Division 4 — Accident Fund and Assessments

Section 46 Power to restrain industry if employer defaults [Amended]

Part 1 Division 6 — Workers’ Compensation Board

Section 96.2 Request for reviews [Amended]
Section 96.4 Conduct of review [Amended]

Part 3 Division 10 — Accident Reporting and Investigation

Section 173 Incidents that must be investigated [Amended]
Section 174 Investigation process [Amended]
Section 175 Preliminary investigation, report and follow-up action [Enacted]
Section 176 Full investigation, report and follow-up action [Enacted]

Part 3 Division 12 — Enforcement

Section 191 Orders to stop work [Amended]
Section 196 Administrative Penalties [Amended]
Section 198 Court injunction [Amended]