Retrofit solutions providers, we need your help

Sent on behalf of Pembina Institute –

You may have seen in our newsletter that went out last month that we put a call out to all retrofit solutions providers in Canada to complete a survey. We want to understand the barriers you are experiencing and the supports that would help you scale your business and accelerate the market transformation needed in this space.

Complete the survey.

This is an exciting moment for retrofits. They are finally getting the attention they deserve as a key component of meeting our net-zero commitments. Your experience in construction, retrofitting, manufacturing and/or supply will provide critical insights into how Canada can grow this important market. 

Please feel free to pass this survey link or email along to any other providers you think might have valuable insight or who are interested in this space. 

If you have any questions about the survey or are curious about our work, please feel free to reach out to Betsy Agar or Raidin Blue, who is leading this work.