Safe Screen BC

The Business Council of British Columbia is pleased to announce the launch of Safe Screen B.C., a program developed in partnership with the British Columbia Ministry of Health and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) to advance British Columbia’s Point of Care Testing Strategy

The program aims to help B.C. businesses access and make use of rapid antigen tests provided by PHSA, and set-up onsite rapid COVID-19 workplace screening programs for employees and workers.

Why Safe Screen B.C.?

Safe Screen B.C. is intended to serve as an added layer of defense in addition to your business’ COVID-19 response measures. The program seeks to complement existing measures used by your business to keep your workers safe.

In March 2021, the Ministry of Health and PHSA provided a regulatory framework and pathway for businesses to apply for authorization to receive test kits and receive approval to conduct testing for employees in the workplace. Safe Screen B.C. is meant to assist your business with understanding the readiness requirements needed to set-up and operate a testing program; supporting your application to receive test kits and to receive authorization from PHSA to conduct testing on your workers; and ease the reporting obligations needed in order to comply with provincial requirements.

Get Started with Safe Screen B.C.

You can learn more about Safe Screen B.C. and the benefits of rapid antigen screening by visiting the website. If you would like to sign-up and join a program orientation session, please contact