VIDEO PART ONE: ‘Addiction in general is very efficient at disguising itself’

Journal of Commerce | DCN-JOC News Services | October 13, 2021

In a candid interview with Daily Commercial News staff writer Angela Gismondi, Rob Trymbulak, an ironworker and a supervisor on the Gordie Howe Bridge project in Windsor, Ont., shares his journey from addiction to recovery.

Trymbulak was an addict for 25 years and graduated from Ontario’s De Novo Treatment Centre in 2016. His substance use started at age 13 with cigarettes and alcohol and later progressed to drugs and painkillers. Being in the construction industry fuelled his addiction, he said.

He describes what it was like to hit bottom.

His wife had separation papers. His house was almost up for sale. He lost a key supervisor role he had for years.

He was told by his union that he was unemployable and had to seek treatment at the De Novo Treatment Centre in Huntsville, Ont. if he wanted return to work.

At De Novo and through the 12-step program, he learned about life, taking care of his mind and body, how to share with others, how to communicate, the power of being open and honest and asking for help.

He said asking for help opened up a door to a new way of life. He has been clean for five years. He sees every day as an opportunity, not a burden.

Here is the first of three videos where Trymbulak tells his story. His journey is one component of our second instalment of Cracks in the Foundation: Mental Health, Substance Use and Construction, a special DCN-JOC Series.